Access to healthcare

We believe everyone should have access to healthcare, no matter who they are or where in the world they live. This is critical across the patient care pathway – from prevention, early detection and diagnosis to the effective treatment of disease.

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Our approach to access to healthcare

Science can transform healthcare to help secure equitable access

We are working to identify barriers to access to healthcare resources and services – such as economic and supply barriers – and innovating to deliver our life-changing medicines in a sustainable and equitable way, including through global, regional and local public-private partnerships.

Central to this is our commitment to promoting preventive measures, increasing access to diagnostics and treatment, and strengthening health systems sustainability and resilience.  

Our focus areas

Equitable access

Driving equitable access to healthcare services across the product portfolio, through digital health, clinical trial diversity, patient centricity, investing in rare diseases, open innovation and intellectual property (IP) sharing arrangements.

Affordability and pricing

Increasing accessibility of medicines for diverse, equitable and inclusive patient groups, through company policy and programming, including core pricing principles and access programmes, while addressing barriers to access and affordability.

Health system resilience

Strengthening health systems by partnering with stakeholders in the development of research-based recommendations, advocating for health system policy reform and building capabilities to strengthen the delivery of health services, including through community investment. We also support continuity of healthcare in communities affected by humanitarian emergencies.

Our ambition by 2025:

Reach 50 million

people (cumulative) through our Healthy Heart Africa (HHA), Young Health Programme (YHP), and Healthy Lung programmes by 2025.

Train 170,000

healthcare workers (cumulative) to strengthen health systems throughout the world through our Healthy Heart Africa and Healthy Lung programmes

Increase collaboration

through cross-sectoral partnerships to improve health outcomes

Our achievements

66.4 million

people reached through access to healthcare programmes*


healthcare workers trained since 2010*

13.6 million

people reached through patient assistance programmes (cumulative)*

*as at December 2023. Source: Sustainability Report 2023

Our access to healthcare highlights

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